ferric chloride anhydrous
ferric chloride anhydrous

Ferric chloride is a covalent compound. Also known as ferric chloride, it is a black powder. Melting point 306℃, boiling point 315℃, soluble in water and has a strong water absorption, can absorb water in the air and delirious. It absorbs water easily in the air and becomes crystalline ferric chloride (FeCl3•6H2O). At high temperatures it breaks down into ferrous chloride and chlorine gas. Soluble in water, ethanol, ether and acetone, slightly soluble in carbon disulfide, almost insoluble in ethyl acetate. Relative density (D25)2.90. Melting point is 282 ℃. It has a boiling point of about 316℃ and is corrosive to metals.
Product name: Iron (III) chloride anhydrous
Alias: ferric chloride anhydrous; Iron (III) chloride anhydrous; Ironchlorideanhydrous; iron trichloride; Ferric trichloride; Ferric chloride; Ferric chloride, anhydrous; Iron chloride
Chemical formula: FeCl3
Quality indicators:


premium grade

first class


black powder

black crystal




Ferrous chloride≤%



free chlorine≤%



To use:                       
1. Water treatment industry as a water purifier for drinking water; The treatment and purification of waste water precipitant;

2. Used as oxidant and mordant in dyeing and dyeing of indigo dye in printing and dyeing industry;

3. Organic synthesis dichloroethane industry as a catalyst for production;

4. Raw materials for the manufacture of iron salts, medicines, pigments and inks.

5. Etchant for photographic and printing plate making; Used as analytical reagent and thin layer chromogenic agent;

6. Used for the production of electronic industry circuit board and fluorescent digital tube.

7. building concrete infiltration can increase the strength of the building, corrosion resistance and prevent water seepage.

8. Coagulant when glycerin is recovered from soap waste liquid.

9.chlor-alkali enterprise primary brine preparation.  

Product packaging:
25kg carton packed in 2 layers PVC plastic bags or 50kg woven bags.

50kg plastic drum is covered with 1 layer of PVC plastic bag

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