Sodium hypochlorite
Sodium hypochlorite
Chinese name Sodium hypochlorite
English name Sodium hypochlorite
Chinese alias Sodium hypochlorite (liquid); Bleaching solution; Sodium hypochlorite solution; Fading and bleaching; Safe for the people; Sodium hypochlorite solution; bleach Sodium hypochlorite
CAS RN 7681-52-9
EINECS No 231-668-3
Molecular formula NaClO
Molecular weight 68.4597
Physicochemical properties Properties Solid sodium hypochlorite is white powder. General industrial products are colorless or yellowish liquid. It has a pungent smell< br /> Solubility is easily soluble in water to generate caustic soda and hypochlorite
Purpose Strong oxidant, used as bleach, oxidant and water purification agent, used in paper making, textile, light industry, etc., with the functions of bleaching, sterilization and disinfection

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