Phosphorus trichloride
Phosphorus trichloride

Phosphorus trichloride can form hydrochloric acid mist in the air. Has the stimulation corrosion effect to the skin, the mucous membrane. Inhalation of a large amount of steam in a short period of time can cause upper respiratory tract irritation symptoms, laryngitis, bronchitis, severe cases can occur laryngeal edema to suffocation, pneumonia or pulmonary edema. Contact with the skin and eyes may cause irritation or burns. Severe eye burns can lead to blindness. Chronic effects: prolonged exposure to low concentrations may cause eye and respiratory irritation. May cause phosphorus toxic oral disease.
Productname: Phosphorus trichloride
Alias:Fosforo(tricloruro di); Fosfortrichloride; Phosphore(trichlorure de); Phosphorous trichloride; Phosphorus trichloride [UN1809] [Poison]; Trojchlorek fosforu; phosphorus(+3) dihydride cation trichloride
Chemical formula: PCl3
Relative molecular mass: 137.33
Properties: Colorless clear liquid. Can smoke. Soluble in water and ethanol, decompose and give off heat at the same time. Soluble in benzene, chloroform, ether and carbon disulfide. Relative density (D214)1.574. Melting point - 112 ℃. The boiling point of 76 ℃. Low toxicity, half lethal dose (rats, via mouth)550mg/kg. Corrosive.
Storage: Store sealed, cool and dry.
To use:
It is mainly used for the production of trichlorfon, methamidophos and acetymethamidophos, rice pestis and other organophosphorus pesticides raw materials. The pharmaceutical industry is used to produce sulfadiazine (S.D) and sulfadimethazine (S.M.D). The dye industry is used as a shrinking agent for chromophenols. The catalyst. A solvent for phosphorus. Chlorinating agent.  
Product packaging: 
Special used tank car
Polyethylene plastic drum packing, specification 200 Kg

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