Aluminum trichloride anhydrous(industrial grade)
Aluminum trichloride anhydrous(industrial grade)

Product name: Aluminum chloride Molecular formula: AlCl3 molecular weight: 133.35
Main physical and chemical properties: This product is a light yellow or light gray microstrip powder or particle with strong hygroscopicity. When combined with 1+ halides, chloride is readily produced. It also binds to nitrogen oxides and many organic compounds, all of which decompose easily.
To use: As an important catalyst, this product is widely used in petrochemical industry and organic synthesis, especially as a catalyst for Freund and Kleford reaction. Mainly used in the synthesis of drugs, dyes, rubber, detergent, plastic, spices and other aspects.
Quality indicators:


first class

premium grade

Aluminum chloride

≥98 .5%


 Iron(III) chloride



water insoluble substance




Packing and storage:
25KG or 50KG woven bag with PVC inner bag double packaging, plus ton bag
Double packaging of 25KG or 50KG plastic drum with vinyl chloride inner bag
This product should be placed in a cool and dry place to prevent rain.

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