Thionyl chloride
 Thionyl chloride

Product name: thionyl chloride 
Alias: Thionylchloridecolorlesspaleyellowliq; thionyl dichloride; Thionylchlorid; sulfoxide chloride
Chemical category inorganic - sulfide
CAS #: 7719-09-7 
Appearance: Light yellow to red, smoky liquid with a strong, stimulating smell.
Melting point(℃): -105
Density: 1.638g/ml
Relative density(water=1): 1.64
Boiling point (℃): 78.8
Relative vapor density(air=1): 4.1
Molecular formula: SOCl2
molecular weight: 118.96
To use:
Chlorination agents, used in the synthesis or replacement of organic compounds, such as alcohol hydroxyl, acid anhydride, organic sulfonic acid and nitro compounds, are also used in the synthesis of thiazoline, pyrrolidine, amides and other chlorinated agents in the closed-loop reaction, and also used in the preparation of drug intermediates, organic anhydride, dye intermediates and other synthesis catalysts. It is also used as analytical reagent for the determination of aromatic amines and aliphatic amines.
Product packaging: 
Special used tank car
Polyethylene plastic drum packing, specifications of 200 Kg, tons of drums

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