Phosphorus oxychloride
Phosphorus oxychloride

Chosphoryl chloride is a colorless smoke liquid.
The physical and chemical properties
Molecular weight153.33. specific gravity 1.675. Vapor specific gravity 5.3. Melting point 2 ℃. Boiling point 105.3 ℃. Liquids break down when exposed to cold water, alcohol, or strong acids. The vapor in the air is broken down into phosphoric acid and hydrogen chloride. Used in chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic, dye and electronic industries.  
To use
It is used to produce phosphate ester, plastic plasticizer, organophosphorus pesticide, long-acting sulfonamides and so on. It can also be used as dye intermediates, chlorination agents and catalysts for organic synthesis, flame retardants. Electronic grade trichlorophosphate is used in the solar energy industry. Phosphate esters can be prepared from liquid phosphorus sources such as integrated circuits, separation devices and prefabricated rods. In the semiconductor industry, it is mainly used as N-type dopant source, and the reaction effect is best at 0℃.  
Product packaging: 
Special used tank car
Polyethylene plastic drum packing, specification 200 Kg

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