High purity Ferrous chloride
High purity Ferrous chloride

Molecular formula: FeCL2•4H2O
molecular weight: 198.75
Properties: This product is green crystal or blue liquid, the moisture absorbability of crystal is less than ferric chloride, it is yellowish green due to oxidation when exposed to air, it is easy to dissolve in water, ethanol and acetone, difficult to dissolve in pyridine, insoluble in ether. Its aqueous solution hydrolyzed slightly.
To use: As a reducing agent and mordant, this product is widely used in textile printing and dyeing, pigment printing and dyeing, sewage treatment, pharmaceutical intermediates, electronic batteries, energy and other industries. It is also used in ultra high pressure lubricating oil components, also used in medicine, metallurgy and photography
Quality indicators:


first class


Blue-green crystal

FeCL2·4H2O   content%

≥ 9 8

FeCL3           content%

≤ 0.3

water insoluble substance     content%

≤ 0.5

free acid (in HCL)%

≤ 1.0


25kg cartons are lined with plastic film bags;  

25kg and 50kg drums, plastic drums lined with plastic film bags


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